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$ 73.25 + taxes and gratuity

Group menus not available on Saturday evenings. Group menus are subject to a required minimum number of guests and must be arranged 48 hours prior to reservation. A $ 20 deposit per person is required to confirm group reservations. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notification.


Grilled Jalapeño Sirloin Sausage "Spicy"

Served with mango chutney

Fresh Smoked Salmon

Home smoked

Escargots Bourguignonne
Mussels à la provençale

Oven baked, with French shallots, garlic and crumbled bacon

Clam Chowder

New England style

Main Courses

Served with choice of :
Gibby’s salad

Anchovies on request

Gazpacho Andalous
Tomato and onion marinade

And choice of:
Baked potato
Monte Carlo

Double baked with bacon, sour cream and chives

Rice pilaf

All main courses are served with fresh steamed asparagus

From The Grill

Rib Steak

Gibbys cut

Rib Eye Steak

New York cut

Sirloin en Croûte

Encrusted with a medley of Dijon mustard, seasoned bread crumbs and black peppercorns

Petit Filet Mignon

Center cut


Filet mignon, marinated

Rack of Lamb - Youville

Marinated in fine herbs and garlic

Rack of Lamb - Saint-Sauveur

À la provençale, brushed with mustard and lightly dusted with herbed garlic breading

Chicken Kiev

Chicken breasts stuffed with butter, chives and fine herbs


Shrimp à la provençale

Broiled with garlic butter

Curried Shrimp

Punjabi style, spicy, served with mango chutney

Canadian lobster tails

Three tails - broiled

Fresh Fish

Fresh fish of the day (daily availability may vary).
Poached in dill, grilled or blackened Cajun style served with capers and fine herbs on request.

Yellow Fin Tuna
Doré Amandine

Wall-eye / pickerel

Arctic Char
Salmon Trout

Broiled and lightly smoked over hardwood

Atlantic Salmon
Black Alaskan cod
Red Snapper


Chocolate Mousse
Fresh Blueberry Cheesecake
Key Lime Pie
Ice Cream


Sherbet Trio



Brewed Decaf
Herbal Tea

Price per person $ 73.25 + taxes and gratuity